Planking Question - Crack


Curious about Wooden Canoes
After planking the hull on my wood canvas, I noticed that a section of planking had cracked at the stern. Of course it was one of the first sections of planking placed on the boat, and has one of the most extreme bends over its length.


I am looking for opinions on what to do. It is not an easy fix to replace the plank, but maybe that's what I need to do? Any opinions on what I should do?

Could a piece of fiberglass and some epoxy over the area work, or will that show through the canvas? Could I patch the crack with epoxy and not use any fiberglass? Just hoping to avoid tearing the plank off and putting a new one in it's place. My supply of vertical grain planking is gone, so all I have left is some flat grain, and I'm concerned that the new plank will have the same or worse results, I used the vertical grain I had when I placed the plank originally.
What I'd do

I would not pull it off. I'd drill a small hole at the end of the crack to keep it from running and put a tack in there. I'd also make sure to add a tack or two or three to hold it down. Putting epox in the crack probably couldn't hurt. Mostly, I'd consider it to be two narrow planks instead of one wide one.
Stabilize it and leave it be. Maybe an extra ring nail in the stem and a tack or two on either side of the crack into the first cant rib to keep the edges from lifting. Drill pilot holes in the plank so you don't start more splits. Once you get it locked down, sand the split so it doesn't peek through the canvas.
I have completed fairing the hull and I am ready for canvas (maybe?). Do you typically varnish the wood that will be covered by the canvas? I did use Boiled Linseed Oil on the outside, but before adding canvas wanted to be sure.