restoration planking


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm replanking a few areas on my Otca restoration project. Where one of the planks started to wrap around the chine I decided the plank would split so I soaked it first. I then had to narrow the piece because in swelled up. After applying the plank and it dried I got a small crack and the plank is too narrow. What should I have done?

Instead of soaking it I think you can put a wet towel on it and iron it down. that would get the heat to it and get it to bend like you need but not give it any time to soak up much water and be too big and then too small. Also, quarter sawn shrinks less than flat sawn.
When the boat is in use the planking is going to get wet and its going to need that extra room to expand. If it does not have that room it will buckle and crack when it dries out. The wood in a wooden boat moves and and any good building process allows for that movement so I think you are doing better than you thought!