photos of jib for steaming decks

This worked for me.


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I built the "rig" shown/described in Jerry's/Rolllan's book, but was unhappy with it as it (or the bottle jack) kept relaxing, and I had to keep increasing the pressure to maintain the bend.

The next rig will be steel with a mechanical load screw.

Once you have a press, then you can making the "dies" for any deck shape you need.

The vertical piece is pushing against a very substantial header that goes across the front of my pole-barn. By the time the deck was fully bent, the header was showing signs of lifting away from the 8x8 posts that it rests on. You can generate a lot of force with a small hydraulic jack.
The Wooden Canoe Journal Issue number 160 from August, 2010 has an article on pages six and seven by Josh Thompkins with pictures that show some of the old equipment currently in the original Old Town Canoe factory. The original deck presses are shown there and below with the steam piping to provide additional heat. These may still be available but you might have to buy the whole building to get them.



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It sure would be nice to have that Old Town bending jig but lacking that the form and bending process does not have to be that difficult. Instead of the old apple press that is used in the picture, two large size c clamps or even some bar clamps could be used. You just need some extra bar clamps on hand as the ones you tighten run out of thread.


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