peterborough ID


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I have just picked up a peterborough ceder canvas canoe and found the serial#'s The first #1433 tells me it was built sometime between 1941 and 1956 and is an Otonobee, but there is a second # 2990 can anyone tell me what this means.Also on the deckplate there is a stamp I can't read the first line but the second line reads ottawa.I will post pics and more info as I get it THanks
I'll have to double check my old Peterborough catalog for the serial number/model.

The Otonabee is the top of the line wood canvas canoe offered by Peterborough. Very similar to the high end Champlain, but with all mahogany trim and a off center center thwart. It has very fine entry lines and a modest beam, making it very fast. A great canoe to cut your teeth on, though a little tender for tripping, make sure that you go out with good paddlers.

I have one and would like to get it back in good condition. It IS on the list of things to do...