Peterborough Canoe Serial #


Hey all,

I found the serial number. 7228 1446. Can anyone tell me more about this? I'm going to post in the serial number thread too.

The "1446" part of the serial number is the model number, and shows you have a Shorty model. It was built sometime after 1938 and offered up until the factory closed around 1962.

Is there some way to find out more specifically? I notice with some of the other inquiries that there is a data sheet with more specific dates on the construction and sale of the canoe.

What does the first set of numbers mean?
The data sheets you are refering to are unfortunately only available from less than a handful of the old builders.
When the Peterborough Canoe Co closed in 1962 the serial number records were lost or destroyed.
However, your canoe was likely built sometime between 1958 and 1962, judging from a number of construction details visible in the posted photos for example the slat seats and thwart style.

Dick Persson
Headwater Wooden Boat Shop
Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada

Thanks, that's more the age I was thinking. Too bad about the records though. Cheers.