Peterborough Canoe Kit


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I just won an auction on Ebay for a Peterborough canoe kit that makes a 14"-long model canoe.

I questioned the seller if he had access to more of those kits, as we'd probably like to stock the kits at the museum store of the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum in Spooner, WI opening this May. He didn't know, as this kit was a gift he received several years ago.

Does anyone have contact information for the Peterborough kit manufacturer?

Are there any other model kits out there that we might want to stock at the WCHM store?

Rice Lake, WI
the canadian canoe by midwest is the same as the peterborough only on a differnt scale the pete is 1/12(16 inches)the canadian is 1/8 (23 1/4)I have built the indian girl and the pete and am in the middle of building the canadian
Midwest called me before putting the kits out, to get some pointers on how I put mine together. I wasnt real specific with some of the lessons learned along the way (learned the hard way), although answered most of their questions. I have put these kits together for customers and found them difficult to get the results I wanted. I actually find it much easier to build my models. I guess its all about setting it up with the right materials and forms. I've said it before regarding this topic, most people in the WCHA could build a wood-canvas model.
Chris, I have built a Midwest 'Peterboro' model and have just finished planking a Midwest 'Indian Girl'.

I am thinking of cutting out the keelson from the IG so the ribs sit flatter on the bottom and maybe this is more authentic?

Bill P