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Hi I'm a new member trying to find some more info on Peterborough Canadien No.1427 2157 (possibly 2457 stamp is not very clear). The canoe was brought to me by a friend for some minor repairs, damage and rot in both stemheads and ends of decks, and refinishing. I am a semi retired boatbuilder and often get this sort of smaller job though this is the first canoe in about 30 years.
hoping you can help Kernowkrafter


I'm not sure what you wanted to know, but the 1427 was the "Canadien" 16' 31" wide and 12" deep built between 1941 and 1956.

Not sure how many were made, but the Canadien was a popular model.

I like to strip the outside and bring the dark color of the mahogany accent plank back to life.

Hi Paul thanks for that I would like an approx date of build if poss other than that any info is welcome this sort of canoe is kind of rare over here. I agree a strip and revarnish would look great and is under way now the repairs are mainly done, trouble is it's all a bit delicate to me I'm more used to 1/2 inch and up planking. Over the years the strips are getting thin and some of the nail heads are a bit proud already so too much sanding is out unless I "harden up" nails and I don't want to disturb the inside more than I have to it has a lovely oiled patina and colour. The outside is almost black over more than half the canoe, I'm going to try sanding and then bleaching unless anybody has a better idea
Best wishes Kernowkrafter
Perhaps you can start by re-clinching the nails that are proud or seem to be in a position that they would be damaged by sanding or would create a high point around the nail leaving the surface undulating. Cedar is quite soft and easily removed by a sander. Do this before you start any sanding. Good luck!
Thanks Denis it might come to reclinching as you say, this is the same process we over here refer to as "hardening up" but I am worried how this will affect the look of the lovely original interior but if I have to then I will..
After stripping, you can try treating the outside with warm water. This will swell the wood some and may help

bring the surface of the wood up to the nail heads! Its worth a try! This works good with new wood and a little

less with old wood. Good luck!