Peterborough and Ontario wide boards

Roger Young

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Kind of following along after Peter Mueller's post a while back with photos of the Canadian Canoe Co. wide-board and batten full-size canoe, I thought I'd send along some photos of a Peterborough wide-board and an Ontario Canoe Co. wide-board for comparison. Both of these, however, are actually 'display' models. The Pete is 3' long, the Ontario Canoe closer to 5'. The Pete would date to about 1900, and the OCC has to date somewhere between 1883-92. You might want to note the early decal on the Pete. It's the earliest version I know of, with no reference to 'Trade Mark', and using the word 'Ontario' in the red central portion. For sake of comparison and evolution, take a look at the Ontario decal. You will see how the Peterborough decal 'morphed' out of it. One other little detail; whoever made the little Peterborough model had both great patience and skill. There are over 1300 tiny copper nails holding it together, sometimes as many as 8 to the inch... and without splitting the wood all to pieces. Oh, the 'sample paddle' in the Pete has the same early decal, establishing that the small paddles were being made pretty early on, as well.

Hope you enjoy.


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How wonderful. I think those models of yours are so great. What a great pc of history and craftsmanship. I admire them and it inspires me when working on my own models.
It's also great knowing there are those such as you, Chris-- and the other artisans who work with birch bark and wood to create canoes--full-size and miniature-- in the manner of those in the past who worked with care and respect. One very cool aspect of being part of this group.

The older I get, the more "history" inspires me!

Many thanks for the kind comments. I enjoy sharing these photos of the old stuff, but equally admire the craftsmanship that you and other current modelers such as Ferdy and Ted, to name just a couple, exhibit and make available to us today. I am in full agreement with Kathy.

Kind regards,