Peterboro #1547


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Are there any serial # records for Peterboro boats? I am working on a 14' cedar planked row boat/outboard believed to be a Peterboro. It has a deck forward and two bench seats midships. The number on the transome knee and under the two aft quarter seats is 1547.
Bruce Reynolds
As far as I know, there aren't any Peterborough records. Records exist for only a very few canoe companies-- Old Town, Carleton, Kennebec, Seliga, some St. Louis, and possibly some Shell Lake (if you can track down the person at a Wisconsin museum who has the records). With a few of the companies, there is a way to determine some information from the serial number. I didn't jump right in on your question because I thought someone else would know something... so now, your question is up front again and maybe someone will add to what I've said.

Peterborough [ when owned by Chestnut ] had no serial numbers. They stamped the canoe model number on the stem. Chestnut had no canoe serial numbers either. They stamped their stems with a work order number. It is possible to find more than one Chestnut canoe with the same number. No records are known to exist for either company. Unfortunately I only have the model numbers for the Peterborough car topper boat models.
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