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Canoe Restorations
This is my 1951 Thompson 12 ft rowboat model 240 "Take-Along" after it was restored.


Serial number: BX-1282-D
Deck plate: Thompson Bros Boat MFG Co, Peshtigo Wis
12 ft long, 46 inch beam, 90 lbs
39 White cedar ribs 1" wide. I replace every rib because they originaly were either broken or split.
Half ribs. All but 4 are original. These are white cedar
3-3/4 " Red cedar planking laid parallel from keel to gunnels. Edges butted. No cove & bead or laping
Heavy cotton duct canvas covering with filler and painted with Pettit marine epoxy paint.
Marine spar varnish on all wood work.
Inside and outside gunnels were both originally mahogony. I replaced the outside with Sitka spruce because I had it on hand and it is stronger and lighter than mahogony.
The deck, corner braces, inside stringers, and transome are mahogony.
The seats are oiginal. Look like redwood or red cedar.
There were no outside splash rails on this boat.

I added the center floor bace to strengthen the transome. There was none previously.
I also added the block to the top center of the transome to keep the motor from scuffing the transome. I also added an outside brass plate for the same reason.
The grab handles on the outside of the transome are my own design. I did not want the pricy $55 brass ones.

Note: Seven years ago I received a call that unless I picked up this boat by "the coming weekend", or it would be burned. I had to restore several canoes before I got time for this one.

It handles very nicely with a 2 hp 1973 Johnson outboard.


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1955 Cartopper Build number BX4583Y.
These are the original oars.


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Wayne Mowery

Canoe Restorations
Thompson take-along

Nice looking boat. I see yours has additional stringers and braces which mine does not have.