Penn Yan

Hi Gary,

Checked the dragonfly website at and scrolled to Penn Yan on the left, and discovered it appears you have a Penn Yan Hunter model, circa 1954 that may be the 581st such canoe that year. Check out the information and see if that seems right to you, too. You might find additional information in past discussions by plugging in "Penn Yan Hunter" (or whatever you wish) in the "Search" function above.

If you need further help with your canoe (aside from figuring out what those letters and numbers might mean), there are many *brilliant* and *talented* folks here, eager to cheer you on...

PY Hunter

Hi Gary, I have a py hunter. Nearly done. I have paddled it and it is very stable. A bit heavy but solid in the water. Here's a photo of a couple Hunters. Yours look similar? They look a bit clunky in the ends but I think they fit the name.


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forgot to give credit

I believe these canoes are From Alex Comb. The photos were posted on this site awhile back and because I had a hunter I saved them.