Painting approach?


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I'm getting ready to paint this unknown Charles River Canoe and am trying to give it the same basic color and stripe. The main color will be Kirby's Bottle Green, the wide stipe a 2 1/2 inch Pea Green, then detailed with a 1/2 inch Metallic Gold Stripe, with a Black pin strip on both sides of that.

How would you go about it?
My recommendation would be to paint the base coat first. When dry mask and stripe your pea green. Again when dry mask and paint the black stripe. Then mask and stripe gold on top of that.

If you have a super steady hand you could paint black and gold in one layer, but it would be difficult to get a error free stripe with out paint experience
Well I looked over the original canvas good and the base colour and stripe where done independent of each other. Then the gold stripe was done over the light green stripe then the Black pin stripe was done over the gold. I've had to tape everything so far. I'll post a pic soon as it's almost done.

I do appreciate your reply. Seems a very uninteresting topic.
Not an uninteresting topic, by any means. I have no experience with this, and so have nothing to contribute, other than to say that when the time comes for me to try something like this, I will find this information indispensible!

Also note that many of our most active members are at the Annual Assembly/Wooden Canoe Convention. Even if they have internet access, they probably have no time to even think about using it!