1913 OTC Double-End Boat strip/paint

donald kitchen

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Bought this last year and stored in garage. Paint is peeling off. I have researched this forum for ideas on strip and paint.
Consensus seems to strip with heat gun and use marine paint. Any other suggestions?
The canvas is in good shape. Not sure if I need to use filler and primer before the paint.
Any color suggestions?
Any help or comments are appreciated.
V/r Don K


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Since you asked for suggestions, here are mine.
The canoe does not appear to be a 1913 double end boat. The canoe was manufactured in the 1970.s because the paint is coming off in flakes. This is what happened when old Town replaced white lead in the filler with chalk. The chalking filler will continue to fail. Recanvas and use a traditional filler.
I would do what Gil says an add that check everywhere for compromised wood given the filler failure...maybe even some canvas rot as a clue here and there. Have fun.
Thanks for the replies. OTC said the serial number is 1913 double end boat and provided the build sheet. I wonder if it was re-canvased in the 70s. Do not have time/talent to re-canvas now.
Are there no primers that would reduce the peeling?
Thanks again for responses. V/r Don
What is the serial number? Canoe and boat canvas typically lasts about twenty years in normal use so yours has probably been recanvassed several times. Getting a good bond between paint and filler is always a challenge. A light sanding and repainting may get you another summer of use. The best solution is to recanvas as others have suggested. The list of restorers at https://www.woodencanoe.org/builders-suppliers may help if you don't want to do this yourself. Many of them have very long wait lists so you may want to contact one now to have the job done next winter. Good luck,

Thanks Benson. And thanks for your previous help with my sailing canoe. BTW I bought another sailing canoe that needs canvas. Retirement projects. Need to find a school/instructor.
the att are from OTC


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Many restorers will let you pay to work on your project in their shop for a few days with instructions to help get it restored and canvased. This can also take some time to schedule so plan well in advance. A few chapters have active restoration or canvasing demonstration projects occasionally so the list at https://www.woodencanoe.org/chapters may help too.

It appears that James Russell Emery of the J. R Emery Co. in Madison, Maine may not have used this boat for very long. Page 125 of the book at https://books.google.com/books?id=R5Y7AQAAMAAJ indicates that he died in a hunting accident near Lake Moxie on October 6th, 1920 as shown at https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/169729646/james-russell-emery on his grave stone. Good luck with the project,

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I was wrong about the date, but the paint/filler bond has been compromised. To continue using temporarily, you might simply sand the hull and repaint.
Here are additional pics...Finally.


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