Paint Problem


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I went with Ecofill for filler and then primer/spackle mix on top of that.
First coat of paint I got fisheye in the form of white dots showing through. The paint was repelled by something. Sanded with 150 and wiped down with a rag and mineral spirits. Applied second coat and same result --- fisheye. Obviously there is something in there. Will sand again but should I wipe down with a more powerfull solvent? Or just more thoroughly with mineral spirits?
Fish-eye is usually cause by silicon being present. Though I can't recall what it is there is a product that can be wiped on which reduces the fish-eye. It is either the same product or another that can be mixed into your paint or varnish that also does the same thing. I remember using it 21 years ago when I worked in the cabinet shop. It was a Mohawk Paint Co. product. Perhaps I can contact them and get information.

Best, Denis
Fish eye eliminator

Have a bottle of it in my shop from my old automotive painting days. Never seems to go bad what ever it is. A couple of drops in the paint pot does the trick. If your paint store doesn't have some check an old autobody supply store or paint shop.
Thanks for the info. Phoned autosupply store and fisheye eliminator and paint is no longer sold. Some sort of regulation eliminating lead and solvents. Paint store people suspect moisture which is certainly a possibility with the latex primer and spackle mix. My second coat is not reacting as badly as the first. So I will sand again and really let it dry.
Thanks again.
When I use this filler (haven't, since they changed the name), I would still let it cure for a couple weeks before painting. Another thing I will try next time, since I gots one now, is to see if my moisture meter can track the curing of the water based filler.

I called Mohawk Finishing Products today. They do have an additive they call Fish Eye Flow Out. After March 15 it will cost $10.64 for one oz. However, she couldn't tell me if it would work with oil based paint and varnishes. All she could speak to was lacquer. I called at just about closing time so perhaps another call would put me in contact with some one that had more knowledge of the product. As memory serves we were using it in lacquer.
I also have a call in to another paint company that is located here in the U.P..
Hopefully they will respond tomorrow. I'll re post when I get more information.
Most of my customers have been choosing the Ekofill/spackle process for filling, and after a couple of dozen canoes filled this way I've only had one fish eye problem. It showed up after I had sprayed my mukluks with a water repellent product in the workshop. My suspicion was that it was that stuff that atomized and settled in on a canoe that I'd recently primed. After about the fourth coat of Pettit paint and sanding in between, it went away.
Good luck Stencil....