Paddlepaloosa, great turnout

Craig Johnson

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We had a great turnout at Paddlepaloosa in Columbus Ohio yesterday. Thanks to Chuck Hoffine of the "we don't have an Ohio chapter yet" who organized our participation, and also Andy Hutyera and Max Peterson of the Three Rivers Chapter who brought canoes. Chuck and I set up saturday afternoon and Max and Andy made the long trip over for all day saturday. There was a good turnout and we talked to several people who were on off members of WCHA and hope they were inspired to re up. I talked to a father and son who had 4 nice restored canoes that I hope will come next year. Even though the event is almost entirely plastic boats they really appreciate our participation and we are certainly a big draw. We were all busy talking to interested people all day. I was really glad to meet Andy and Max to be able to talk boats in our spare time. If I got the order right photos are 1 and 2. Andy by his canoe. 3. Chuck and his new acquisition in the background,sorry I only got your back Chuck. 4. All the boats. 5. Me. 6. Max answering questions. Thanks to everyone involved.
Craig Johnson


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