Pack Basket Instructor?


LOVES Wooden Canoes
Does anyone have a contact for someone experienced in constructing woven ash or white oak pack baskets who could be hired to do a workshop on the topic?

As second best, just a good detailed info source on how to build one would be a good start.

There's a lady that makes and sells them at Quiet Water Symposium in East Lansing. first saturday in March. Wish I knew her name.

So, it's you. Hey I have been waiting every year to win one of your baskets as a door prize. I vowed this year to save my shekels and just buy one. What size would be best for morel hunting? ;-]
Whatever you feel

comfortable with on your back. Come early to get a good pick.
I need to get busy and make more. Do you like the traditional style or the skinny top style. I call this one my adirondack style. I am also making a small style. It is cute!. Good for picking blueberries! Hope to see you soon.