Outboard motor mount

Tom Wiarda

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I recently came across two old Evinrude outboards, 1.1hp and 1.8hp, that are about the same vintage as my 1939 OT Yankee. I don't know if they can be restored but wondered if they would work on my canoe. What size motor is needed to push a 16' canoe? Are there any plans or pictures of a motor mount for a canoe? How would it attach to the gunwales? Does this idea make any sense? Thanks, Tom
They use to make low weight,low horsepower outboards just for the canoe market. I don't think they even make anything that small today. If you can get a lightweight oldie that runs or is rebuildable you've got something they don't make any more.
For starters get the model numbers off the motors and go to the "iboats" forum for Johnsons and Evinrudes where they can tell you how old those items are and if there is a good chance spare parts are available.
Modern Yamaha 2hp , 100:1

Yes, Andreas is right on about the Antique OUtboard club . I have been a early member, on & off since 1980 in New England.
. Modern Yamaha 2hp engines can be found quite easy. I got one at our church barn sale for $25. Pushes my 16 ft Jon Boat quite good. .Two other guys commented the engines are desired to take on Airplane trips to camps / lodges remote locations.
... I noticed mine is labled for 100:1 OIL MIX, old motors I would use about 40:1. . A few plastic knobs are only held on with TINY sheet metal screws & the fuel hose , (petcock) design is only about 2" long and a squeeze clamp.
Those two upgrades make for a more friendly operation. Even has a water pump impeller in the lower unit.! . Believe the upper power head is AIR cooled , but water in the shaft design .?
www.AOMCI.org has a paying member section, but the website is quite nice with a different picture each time one visits the home page. They have a "ASK - A- MEMBER" section where visitors (public) can post the ID, or any other questions . Also there is a classified section & can post a Wanted request or parts.
. Your two older Evinrudes would look great along on display . I believe 2009 just had the 100 year Anniversary for Ole Evinrude. My son also worked for them a few years just before the end of the co..