Otca 17' serial number location

Ambrose Pollock

New Member
Howdy folks, Yesterday I rec'd a venerable canoe that is in need of repair. I am searching for the serial number on the vessel and need clues as to it's location. Is it in the stern? under the deck or on the stem piece down low. There is quite alot of old dark varnish slathered on the inside of the hull. I tried a little stripping gel on the front and rear stem ribs but found nothing there. I would guess the canoe to be a minimum of 40- 50- years old or older. The canvas is gone and several ribs need replacing. planking is really dried out and the front and rear stem tops are worn away. I reckon I have about 40- 50 hours of work or more to bring this baby back to usability. Any advice or help in hunting down the information about the vintage opf this canoe will be appreciated.;)

The serial number will be stamped into the stem inside the canoe where it joins the floor planking. You should be able to see it looking into the canoe. If painted, try stripper, if sanded try a rubbing of the stem. Anything you can come up with would be a help, photo's, dimentions, etc.

Good luck,

Ric Altfather