OT Squre Stern canoe -- I have my doubts...

There is a 14' OT boat Hanging on a wall at the marina on Squam Lake in NH....I ran the serial # for them and got the build record...So they did make them...I cant remember if that one had a Keelson though...Interesting "boat"
Did Old Town make 14 foot square-stern canoes?

Old Town did make a 14 foot square stern canoe but it didn't look like this one. The diagonal bracing on the transom and asymetric stern seat are indications that this is probably a Sebago Boat as mentioned previously.

If it is an Old Town, it isn't a square stern paddling canoe that we commonly see. It's more of a sport boat model.
The bracing on the back tends me to believe it is very similar to mine. This was the way that Sebago built theirs...I have seen several OT rowboats made of W/C and what I can see of the rib design tends to support that its not one that Old Town made....It appears that the top of the transom has been replaced and on the upper right facing the transom is where Sebago had is serial number....If there is a serial number in the front at the end of that piece of wood....you could search that number on here to see if it is in fact and Old Town....
This boat sure looks like my Sebago! That rear seat is the same and the number of ribs in the boat is the same. I agree that the top of the transom has been replaced and the forward deck is not right and has probably been replaced. The forward set of oarlocks is missing, probably due to gunwale replacement. It doesn't seem to have the correct lines to be an OT. I don't mean to pick a nit with Viking, but I think that Sebago went out of business in the early 50's, so I think your boat may be 20 years older than you think! Al
Thanks Al...........Mine is stripped again and I am going to do a complete rescontruction this time....It had been "Jury rigged" by someone and I still have your Pic on the computer for reference material....LOL