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Dave Wermuth

Who hid my paddle?
I just got home with two 'new' projects. An OT, I think. and a Thompson. The seats and thwarts on the OT are fastened with countersunk screws and plugged. Is this indicative of a particular model? Or a closed gunwale? Here's one photo.


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It's my understanding that AAgrade canoes had that configuration until about 1920, after which the diamond head bolt came into use.
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Lifting a s.n. is going to be tough. Here's all I got so far. I have put stripper on and scraped it with plastic. I will try a rubbing and a low angle light and close up photo again. this is the initial attempt. I think I see a '2' but that's about all I can see so far. the other end looks like the number has been sanded right off. why do that to me?


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