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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am recently a new member of WCHA and would like some help with identification of (2) OT canoes each of which both are 16 ft long. They are:

158166 I think this one is the guide model.

Also, where can I obtain the oginal paint.

Any help is well appreciated.


Welcome to the WCHA and thank you for becoming a member.

In answer to your request for canoe identification, here is what I found.

OT 120039 was shipped on May 12, 1937 to Long Island, NY., as a 17' OTCA in CS (common sense) grade. It was built with spruce gunwales, oak seats, decks, thwarts and a keel. The original color was bright red with a lemon pin stripe.

OT 158166 was completed in January 1953 as a HW (heavy water) model in CS grade. It was also built with a keel and the original color was aluminum...I guess they weren't ready to completely switch over to an all aluminum canoe??

In answer to your paint question, a lot of the people here use www.kirbypaint.com

They are great to work with and can match any color you have. Old Town also sells paint.

The build records are attached.

Ric Altfather


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