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James Duclos

Canoeist, Toxophilist
Hi, I'm a new member, and wannabe restorer. I'm considering buying this canoe; What can you tell me, please.
Thank you, Jim D.
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Thanks for becoming a member. The canoe you mention is an 18' Model GS in a CS grade with spruce gunwales and birch decks, seats and thwarts. The canoe was shipped on June 5, 1924 to Camp Chichawah in Harrison, Maine. The original color was Dark Green. A build record is attached. As you restore this canoe, remember that the best advise you will receive is here on the WCHA and it's fine group of professionals.

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Thanks, Ric,
What a valuable resource this is, Thanks to Susan Audette for sending me here.This canoe appears to have been very well kept,but was fiberglassed over the canvas in the 60's. Do you have any advice on how much I should pay for this one?
Thanks, Jim D.