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Michael Grace

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Hi Benson,

When Emerson wrote that the canoe was heading home to Maine, I higured it might be you. Glad you got it!


Dan Miller

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Looks good on the water, too...


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Andre Cloutier

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buyers premium

Wow, things have changed since I was Controller at an auction house in western Ontario over a decade ago, we almost got strung up when we introduced a 6% buyers premium. However with the introduction of the additional 7% GST only a few years earlier boosting sales taxes to 15% that brought the total sale up by 21% , but a pure 22% before any taxes? wow....

Benson Gray

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The 22% buyers premium was for absentee bids through eBay. It was 15% if you bid in person with a 6% state tax so the total was about the same. The net result was that I was going to bid less than if the premiums were lower.

Let me also add that Gil Cramer has generously declined my offer of a paddle and suggested that I "take the paddle to Peterborough and put it in the raffle and/or auction with the appropriate 'provenance' " so everyone will have another chance to bid for it. There is usually no buyers premium at the Assembly auction so the fun continues,

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Benson Gray

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I am happy to report that Gil Cramer's paddle raised $300 for the WCHA after some very spirited bidding at the Assembly auction in Peterborough. It helped make this one of the most successful WCHA auctions ever. Thanks!