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Does anyone know if there is anyplace where that canoe is on display...Preferably in Maine or New Hampshire please....Would love to see it. I might have to rethink my paint job on mine!...Like that Old Town pattern.


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What's wrong with your paint job?

Looks great! Thanks for posting.
There are lots of other paint design patterns at http://www.wcha.org/catalogs/old-town/designs/thumbnal.html if you are looking for other ideas. Orvis also has a store in North Conway, New Hampshire so you could call (603) 356-2111 to see if they have one on display there. You could call the factory in Old Town, Maine at (207) 827-5514 to see if they have one there that has not been delivered yet. There are several Old Town canoes in New England with the similar design number ten as shown at http://forums.wcha.org/attachment.php?attachmentid=1336&d=1143576684 if you want to see one of those.

Thanks for that site Benson....That very last thumbnail is interesting!. Where mine is all blue I like that design to make mine more eye appealing. going to have to do some followup to see if I can get a more detailed picture of it!
The best source for more detailed pictures of these paint designs is the Old Town Canoe Company Catalogs on CD from http://merchandise.wcha.org/product_info.php?cPath=90_91&products_id=404 and http://www.dragonflycanoe.com/cdrom.htm on the web. The design 17 from the 1927 catalog is attached below with a blue background but designs numberd 14, 24, 32, and 37 have similar shapes. My blue canoe was based on the shape from the design number 37 because I liked those proportions the most. Let us know what you decide to do.



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Think I will also stick with the solid blue with some sort of stripe to off set it....That one I liked would have meant painting a green strip on the top and around the stems....Will post what I have done when its done...I just like the blue and want to accent it....After all... I AM the BLUE Viking! (That means I am Swedish and hate the cold!;) )