Opinions Please...

Kathryn Klos

squirrel whisperer
There's a canoe on eBay listed as an Old Town, but it looks like a Canadian-made boat to me. I don't want to argue with an eBay seller... I don't "need to be right", but want to learn.

I'd like to say to the seller, "just because a canoe has a serial number doesn't make it an Old Town".... or, "if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it may be a duck even if it has a five digit serial number and Old Town says it's a 1924 HW." But I'll just say that here...

I'd like to post the pictures of this canoe, but am not at my own computer so will only post the link to the eBay listing for now.

My eyes might be failing me, but those ribs look kind of narrow, like the Pal in my back yard. Those decks don't have an old town look to them.

There are stainless steel roberston screws holding on the outwales, not bronze flat heads.

And that slat seat is not hanging from a diamond head bolt.

You know, except for the single thwart and slat seats, it looks just like my pal.
It is definitely a low grade Chestnut prospector canoe. In Canada many were sold through Eaton catalogues and stores. They were of such quality that Chestnut didn't put their name on them. Now a days they make a nice canoe because of their light weight construction as compared to the standard Chestnut prospector canoes. I have one and love it.
Sure has a Chestnut look to my eye.

Who cares what the seller thinks it is, if the buyer wants it and its a fair price, they can buy it and walk away knowing what it really is.
The seller relisted this canoe when it didn't meet her reserve price, and the second time around, it got no bids. My suggestion to her was similar to what you said, Douglas: that it doesn't matter what she says the canoe is, someone who wants a 1924 Old Town HW wouldn't bid on it because it doesn't resemble a 1924 HW, but someone who wants a Chestnut in good useable shape would buy it if the price was right.