Ontario, Missinabie/ Wawa


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Just got back from Rennie Lake just about 10 miles east of Missinabie, Ontario. It's been five years since I was there. Lake was empty of people. I paddled my Chestnut Chum around the lake looking for a new spot. Every sandy shore had day old (same day?) moose and wolf tracks. with declining sunlight, I finally gave up and set the tent on a shore line with a fallen tree so I had bank, brush and lake on three sides. I set tree branches in the lake side to discourage visitors. The moose came back and went around me. I never saw fresh wolf tracks again. When I returned to civilization I was told wolf are on the increase and the tracks I saw were the "scout" for the pack stalking the moose. I should have asked before I went out. Love paddling somewhat remote areas of Canada...but be careful.