One part versus two part body putty


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Got a new guy question. I just bought my first canvas over cedar canoe, a restored Peterborough, and in transit I picked up a stone impact which dented the the canvas, nearly penetrating. Although small, about 3/16" by 1/8" by 1/16" deep, it is below the waterline and should be repaired. I have been advised to sand lightly and fill the indent with spot putty, sand, then paint. My question is what type of putty to use. I have located red one part putty, which dries on it's own, as well as a two part type putty which requires a hardning agent to dry. Can anyone recommend one over the other?
I went to a auto body paint supplier and got 3-m acrylic spot putty. It is a one part product like the red stuff [Nitro Stan]...I used it to fair the surface of my old canvas after removing most of the old paint. It has held up for 8 years now...