OldTown #126926

Michael Leone

You call that a sail?
There are more photos of this canoe posted in research and history
under (were are the numbers?).
interestingly Benson Grey describes a canoe with a different serial #
that is remarkably similar to what I have, including the fact that it
was shipped to Patterson NJ, my canoe has a dealers decal on the
stern deck from Vaughan sporting goods patterson Nj
For what it's worth I even have the padles that came with
the canoe,also with the Vaughan sporting goods decal.
How cool is that!


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Thanks for the info Benson, but don't you have anything beter to do but
answer dumb questions about ratty old canoes? hell now that I have the
history on this one I can feel good about cutting it in half and making
I'll be sure to sharpen up my chainsaw so I get a nice clean cut.

Thanks Mike