Old Town Square Town Seats

Russell Dyer

Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have a 1942 14' Old town Square stern Canoe. The build record indicates that it was built with extra wide seats with tilting backs.The tilting backs are missing.
Are there any photos available from old catalogs ect that show the tilting backs?
I would like to build new ones.

Thank you in advance ,
Russ Dyer
The tilting backs were probably wide pieces of wood like the seat bottoms as shown in the attached images of the titling backs in other models from the 1942 catalog. The 1930 catalog also had a picture of a square stern with tilting backs as shown below. More information like this is avaliable on the Old Town catalog CD. Hopefully this will give you enough to recreate them. Good luck,



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Old Town Seats

Thank you for the information. How does one obtain the Old Town Catalog CD?

Russ Dyer
This photo just in, of an Old Town Square Stern in the ABM collection, with the folding seat backs...



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