Old Town square stern

David Satter

Wooden Canoe Maniac
I've got an Old Town square stern here in the shop. With sponsons. 16 feet. Part of the inside stem has been replaced. Someone hand wrote the numbers 124231 on the replacement piece. Was curious if that shows up. No numbers anywhere else that I can find. Thanks, Dave

Also in a box of parts that came with it is a transom floor knee with numbers stamped on it. Though I don't think it's an old town knee. NT0317. Maybe a Penn Yan knee??
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The Old Town build record for serial number 124231 shows a 17 foot long Otca model so that isn't a good match. The one for number 124281 is a 16 foot long Otca, 124237 is a nine foot dinghy, and 124287 is an 11.5 foot long dinghy, so none of those are any better. The page at the link below lists two 14 foot long Penn Yan boat models with an NTO code. Good luck with the restoration,


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