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Curious about Wooden Canoes
My father had an Old Town canoe that I have just come into possesion of and I think that it is a Trapper 15' I talked with a wooden canoe restorer in Olympia, WA and he said I could get the build history of any canoe with its serial number. I am looking for the building history of an Old Town canoe with a serial number 179024 15. Thank you.
Ot 179024

Young One,

The canoe you inquire about was shipped on 10/10/1967 to Seattle, WA., as a "Featherweight" model, aka 50 Lb, Lightweight & Trapper. It was ordered with a keel and the original color was Old Town Yellow. The light weight comes from using Dacron Vs canvas.

Build record is attached along with a note from the back without comment.

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