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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Has anyone constructed a kick-up rudder to work with the standard Old Town1/2" pintels? I have some idea's but would appreciate any help.
I asked a friend who has addressed this on his 1909 Old Town sailing canoe and here is his response.

"Here are pictures of the OT rudder which I altered to kick-up. I cut
the side cheeks out of sheet brass, which I found I could cut on a
wood-cutting band saw. The rudder has both pull-up and haul-down
lines, I think the ideas are illustrated in Todd Bradshaw's book."

Good luck - hope this helps.


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Thanks so much Mike, This is exactly what I had in mind.I have a piece of copper plate which I was going to use alone without the addition of the pivot reinforcement,but the whole package makes sense.
Brass plate is stronger than copper,I think.Wonder if I should switch it out? Reguards
Steve Konko