Old Town model MC ?

Gil Cramer

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The Old Town build record for canoe number 20494 indicates that the canoe is AA grade, and the model appears to be listed as MC. Is anybody familiar with this model? The canoe has been altered and fiberglassed, but the inwales appear original. The hull has a flat bottom similar to a Charles River or guide,and the ribs are tapered. Thanks for any help.
Yes, I have attached two other records showing CS grade MC models that shipped three days later as part of the same order. The last image is how number 20606 looked in 2005. It also has a flat bottom and tapered ribs. My guess is that Morgan and Company requested some special canoes with higher points and less recurve in the stem so Old Town created a new model for them and called it the MC. Is the stem line similar on yours?



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Thanks Benson for the quick response. The canoe has very little recurve, but it appears to have had the "points cut down.