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Just purchased a 1944 Old Town 18' HS guide that was built for U Maine Orono and was used to tag Moose...went back to Old Town twice for repairs and then to Rollin for repairs by the Owner I got it from....this canoe is a product of the shortage of brass due to WWII and will need maor work which I will enjoy doing....NOW...my question is: Does anyone have any pictures, sketches,drawings of the orginal configuration of the 44 OT HS Guide deck. inwale,outwales, as they are in original make?...This one has had a lot of pieces added and fabricated to keep it usable!....lots of reconstruction going to have to be made there...........All suggestions and help greatly appreciated...ThanksB]
1944 Catalog Page

Don't know how much help this will be, but here's the page from the 1944 OT catalog. The deck in the picture appears to be the standard Old Town deck. There weren't any other pictures of the Guide model in that catalog... no picture of the canoe tipped on its side.

I loved the story of your canoe under "serial number search".


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I have a AA grade Guide's model from the 1930s if you are ever in the Portland area and want to look at how it was put together.