Old Town War canoe decks

Mark Adams

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Hi all, and a Merry Christmas!

Does anyone have an Old Town war canoe they could post pics of? I am interested in the deck layout.

Adding to the discussion...

Hi Mark,

I have seen 3 Old Town War Canoe decks. Two are short, one with coaming and one without. These canoes have 7 thwarts. The long deck war canoes having 5 thwarts, that have been in the shop have been worked on before so I don't know that I have seen an original deck up close.
The first war canoe came in without decks so we drove up to LL Beans and took photos of the one hanging there.
In the two attached photos #1 is screwed on into the inwales and #2 the decks are screwed on into the gunwales.



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I had the same question about the long decks.

I have attached pictures of a 1950 25' war canoe minus the decks to show the frame work.

I also found the completed deck picture from Susan Audette's book, The Old Town Canoe Company. Hope she won't mind us using this, but it does show the deck and it appears attached only to the inwales.




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Thanks guys! I appreciate the pics. I haven't gotten the canoe yet, but it never hurts to plan your attack.