Old Town Canoe - Serial # 130223 18

Ot 130223


This canoe was built as an 18' Guide model and shipped to Duluth, MN on August 27, 1941. The gunwales were spruce, a keel was added and the original color was G.S. Green.

If you are not already a member, please consider joining the WCHA to help support this and other services. Substantial labor hours and grants went into providing this service.
Should you decide to restore this canoe, the expertise that can be gained from these forums is worth the price of admission. The build record is attached.

Enjoy the canoe!



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Thanks Ric,

I think I will probably join. I've built a cedar strip canoe here in Minnesota, but this Old Town was my Grandfather's, and although still in service, is in need of some restoration. It has a bottom patch (tar) from an accident in the BWCA that occured sometime in the 40s, and the canvas probably needs to be replaced, but I'm no expert on what the work effort might be to do all of that.

It is nice to know the history, and it's nice to know that there is this community that can provide advise.

Thanks again,

Bob Brandt