old ? town canoe 17' number 1142


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I have this old town canoe 17' long with regular ribs and other shorter ribs across the bottom, I tyhink it might have the original canvas . When I got the canoe the old paint had crazed and cracked. I took it back to the canvas filler , wipeing out the scraper edge often that filler ishard. I then painted with old town paint. The interia was taken down and recoated with5 coats of varnish after bringing the wood back to life with terps and lindseed oil, recained seats the old way.
I had a telaphone with Mary ? a nice old lady trying to find the age of this canoe I believed it was original sent to owens burg kentucky . Can you ID the canoe
We do not have a record for an Old Town canoe with that number, however if you provide pictures we may be able to determine what you have. There are many companies besides Old Town that placed a serial number on the stem. While records don't exist for most canoe companies, it's often possible to figure something out.

Here's a link telling how to post pictures. This is the best place to begin. We love seeing what others have, and your canoe sounds very interesting.


I ..believe its a molitor real fancy, The seats(mahogany) were doweled from the out side and are thinner than the regular size, the canoe has mickmac bow and stern Mary told me that years ago they started with 1200. am I right?
Hi Chiefy--

Until we see pictures, I have no idea what you have-- but it sure sounds interesting! The older Old Town Molitors were built in the 1920s, but the original Molitor was a B.N. Morris and was built mostly during the teens. The Molitor model that has appeared in the Old Town catalogs was first built in the mid-1960s. Carleton also made a Molitor. There are many Charles River courting canoes that are essentially "Molitors"-- the Old Town Molitor of the '60s was based on a Charles River canoe. So-- pictures may provide enough information to say what it is you have. With that serial number and description, your canoe sounds like a Charles River courting canoe... but there were many builders there and it would be great to see what you have and figure out this mystery!
Rings a bell.

This request sounds familiar. I suspect it might be a Charles River canoe.

Chiefy - post some pics and the Forum can help.