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I've just recently became the owner of this wood & canvas canoe. I placed a call to Old Town (Co.) and haven't heard back. So here I am asking you folks for a bit of history. I received the canoe from the original owner who said he purchased it direct from Old Town in 1951 for $100.00. I do plan on joining your ranks (WCHA) mostly due to this now noticeable uncontrolling urge that finds myself becoming more & more emerssed in this vintage canoe stuff. I would greatly appreciate any info you folks may have have. Thx, ZS.
162735 is found on a 16' CS (common sense or no frill) grade Otca model canoe with sponsons and a keel. It was originally painted dark Green. It was built in 1955, but in the shipping area of the form is the notation "Can't find" in September of 1957. The build record is attached.

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