Old town Canadienne serial number search help please

bob welsh

Curious about Wooden Canoes
Picked this canoe up over the winter it was in bad shape with an awful stem/bow repair but it had all the good stuff on it . wood decks and trim. I am in Chicago where Ralph Freese ran Chicagoland canoe base and is the designer of this boat and dressed them up in his shop. I have another one that i bought from our old scout troop leader and it has a brass tag above the Old town logo plate with the owners name on it . My current find has two screws where the plate would have been affixed. I called OT and were not helpful .

serial number xtc31873m80g
thanks in advance bob
Thank you i think the canoe has had a few owners. The fellow I bought it from was in Highland Indiana. She now has a new bow and flotation chamber new paint and getting some spiffy varnish next week. Thanks again Benson.