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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I need info on a canoe I liberated from a pawn shop today. Its an old town wooden canoe 316649 17.

I traded ~$350 pistol for this. The only mechanical damage is the keel. Everything else just needs to be revarnished.

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Our serial number scans only go through 210999. You can send $3 to Old Town for part number 01.1332.0100 as shown at http://oldtown.wcha.org/parts.html to get a copy of the build record, if there is one. Old Town stopped keeping detailed records in the late 1980s.

If you post pictures (we love pictures), we may be able to give you some information on your canoe, such as the probable model, if there is no record at Old Town. Sounds like you got quite a deal!

I appreciate the info.

The boat looks like a Molitor model. Wood that has been covered in fiberglass. There is no thwart and two places for seats.

I'll contact Old Town in the morning.


p.s. The guys at the pawn shop didn't have a clue about what they had. I couldn't move fast enough to haggle with them.
The Molitor model is/was Old Town's top of the line, and has an interesting history. If you email me directly, I will send you the story:


The Molitor you found is a canoe I refer to as "the modern Molitor", as Old Town made a model called the Molitor back in the 1920s that wasn't listed in the catalogs and is considerably different from your Molitor. The modern Molitor is as you describe-- no thwarts. It was offered either canvassed or with fiberglass that let the planking show through. It's similar to the Ojibwe ricing canoe, which had torpedo stems and an open area in the middle, where a blanket was placed to catch the wild rice as it was knocked into the boat.

It's always inspirational to hear that there are still "deals" out there, for those who have their eyes open and know what they are looking for... again, congratulations on a great find!

pawn shop canoe

Check out my photo album. I've loaded some pictures of the canoe I bartered for.