?old town? 1632 serial in bow and stern


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I have a wooden canoe with the serial number in both ends. The number is 1632. The canoe has been fiberglassed over the wood. What can you tell me about this canoe?
Actually, there is very little that can be told from that serial number alone. It does not appear in the Old Town or Carleton records. Kennebec Canoe put that serial number on a 16 foot long Belgrade model lapstrake row boat in 1921 so that probably isn't yours. Many of the low serial numbers like this are on canoes that were built by the various Charles River area builders but none of their records still exist as far as we know. You may want to post some pictures here or review the information and pictures at http://www.dragonflycanoe.com/id/ to see if you can identify it by any other characteristics. Good luck,

No. 1632

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. I would like to post some pictures soon and see what others have to say about this canoe. I think I remember it having diamond head bolts.