LOVES Wooden Canoes
Hello All,

I am finishing stripping the varnish from my Old Town 50 Pound model and am trying to decide what to do about oiling. I have searched old WCHA Oiling threads, but there doesn't seem to be consensus there. Here are my questions:
- Is oiling necessary?
- Since I will be using thinned down varnish (which will be soaked-up by the cedar planking)for the first interior coat, should I perhaps just oil the exterior?
- Is thinned(with mineral spirits), boiled linseed oil (with mildewcide added)the product of choice?

My apologies for dredging-up an old subject.
What I read in one thread that I thought was a good idea that I didn't do, was to put a thinned coat of varnish on the interior before oiling the exterior so as to prevent the oil from spotting the interior. I had bad luck with the oil on the inside of the canoe as it made the interior very spotty. I ended up cleaning the interior w/ sappy teak-nu the end result worked out fine for me, but not without a lot of stress.