offer to evaulate '46 OT


Thanks for the offer,
but for me, thanks a bit out of my price range.

But I may look you up later if you're anywhere in the Detroit area. :)

Hi Dan

I'm an hour north of Detroit. Half hour East of Flint. Would love to visit. Yes, I think it's priced a bit high too but it is said to be original. The paint looks foul. And some of the other canoes on ebay right now look like a much better deal. ie. the Rickards that was at $500.00 and look real good. the canoe is a couple hours north of me. Couple days left.
Dan-- If you're coming through the U.P. of MI, Denis and I are just South of Marquette. We'd love to have you stop by... could put you up for the night. It's a rather nice trip, up 35 to Duluth and across WI to the UP... then hanging out in the lovely Marquette area... then across the Big Bridge to lovely Lapeer...

Dave and Kathy,

Thanks to both of you for the offers,

at this point I don't know what's going to happen except that I have to be on site in Detroit for work on Sept 28th.

Some time in the next 2 weeks, we will have to take a trip to visit the area and find/arrange housing.

I'll keep you posted.


Man is this a good time to buy houses in Michigan. the new house accross the road from me has been there for two years and not yet sold. So many foreclosures that houses are a dime a dozen in SE Mi.
tell me about it...

My sweet little house on the river isn't selling... and there was a time when houses in that location never even got on the market but sold by word of mouth.