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I have traded messages with this seller to see if I could get the serial numbers from the stems. The response was "I CAN NOT FIND A SERIAL#" so I responded saying "The seats and outside rails on yours have been replaced so the serial numbers may have been removed from the stems during the restoration." The description still reads "IT HAS NOT BEEN RESTORED." I will not be bidding for this canoe. Caveat emptor,

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I also wrote asking for the s/n and got a similar reply. I then wrote explaining that restoration of a canoe isn't a negative thing--- which was my introduction to pointing out the Philippine mahogany outwales on a canoe that appears to be CS grade. So, the seller has ample reason to believe his canoe might have been worked on...
e bay canoe

I guess the 25$ handling charge is to remove the canoe off whoever is under it . Note the sneaker sticking out from under it in the first picture ha ha ! Jon k.
Funny! Possibly a job for those CSI folks...


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EBay canoe

Might that perfect paint and finish and a missing stem band on the "untouched" canoe be the result of a touch of fibre-glass. Funny placement of Old Town decals for a factory model.

If you look at the stern you can see the stem band coming over onto the deck. I thought the factory always painted over the stem bands ;)

I saw it the other night and clicked on when I read the handling fee still applied even if you picked it up. Personally I never bid on anything posted by someone with zero (or negative) feedback. That lesson only cost me $25 though :rolleyes:
what I saw

Well, it sold for 990. A pretty good price i think. BUT I saw a phillips head screw in the outwale and I see the top edge of the canvas between the rails. I think someone got a good deal but it's misrepresented as all original. Not bad considering some of the stuff on ebay. Like the $46,000.00 Original Duluth pack.
That's $46,775.00, to be exact! Do I want to buy a fancy new truck or tractor with all the attachments.... or buy a Duluth Pack.... hmmmm....