NW Chapter Spring Meet May 13-15, 2011 Camp Bishop, WA

martin ferwerda

W/C Canoes
See attached image for details

Access: From Highway I-5 North or South, at Olympia, take Exit 104 onto Hwy 8 and 101 heading towards Shelton. Take first exit in Shelton onto Hwy 3 (Bremerton) and folow 1-2 miles to first stop light. Turn left onto Acadia road. Follow Acadia and turn left onto Lake Boulevard (which becomes Cloquallum Road) for about 9 miles. Turn right onto West Lost Lake Road for about 1.5 miles to Camp Bishop at road end.

(Do not use MaqpQuest or Google, both are wrong)


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I was going to make the trip up, had my wife's encouragement, but then I did the math on what it would set me back for gas. BIG mistake! I can't justify spending 400+ bucks on gas, even though I am sure I would have a blast. I was going to bring my Walter Walker. too. Oh well, one of these years!