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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I was surprised that there were no new posts here recently. With the weather we have been having, I was able to canoe January 6 in Upstate NY! And catch 4 fish.

Since this is Places to Paddle, I'll let you all know about a great spot with clean water and a nice state cartop launch site - Queechy Lake in Canaan NY at the intersection of Rt 22 and 295. Plenty of fish, including trout, and you can paddle the perimiter in an easy hour and a half.
A favorite stream for me is the Otselic River in the area near Willet, NY. This 10 mile section is perfect for wood boats as it's a nice mixture of flatwater and easy quickwater. For those who might not be familiar with the Southern Tier of NY, it's LOADED with great streams, creeks and small rivers. We paddle wooden boats as often as possible and are always amazed when asked if we're not afraid of damaging them. Canoes are meant to be paddled. They can take a much harder hit than most give them credit for and one feels a whole lot better paddling in a boat that's gorgeous than he or she does paddling a piece of plastic. We only go this way once---right?

Wood-ingly Yours,
Rich Briere