Newer glassed Molitor

Paul Miller

Canoe Nut
Hi Benson,

I know this canoe is a more current model and not on the serial number disks but was hoping I could find out a build date.

It's a glassed 17' Molitor ser#: XIC36797M81H. This is on a tag under the gunwale near the bow.

The second letter could be something other than and "I".




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I pulled the canoe out and of course there is another number on the stem; 236797 - 17, but the disks only show records to 210999.

I think I saw Benson pull out a post 210000 build record so if he's out there I hope to hear.


The scanned Old Town records which stop at 210999 as you know so I don't have any newer information immediately available. You may be able to contact the customer service department at the Old Town Canoe Company and get a copy from their paper records if they are not too busy. Please reply here if they are not able to satisfy your request and I can stop by on my next trip through Old Town to research it personally as I have occasionally done before. The Coast Guard's hull identification number format limits the serial number to five digits so Old Town simply omits the most significant digits to fit. The chart at shows that the paper records extend to the early 1990s so yours should not be difficult to locate. Good luck,