New? stripper material

Looks expensive - $50 for 1 qt of liquid and 1 qt of paste which will do 12-20 sq ft.
Tempted by the stripper

I saw some of that at a local paint store a couple of months ago and I was tempted to try it. As Mike said the costs bothered me too and I'm always skeptical about how environmentally friendly these newfangled chemical things really are. I figure more is known about the health issues of methylene chloride than some of these new options, so why not stick with the methylene chloride and just use it safely.

I didn't have a project to strip at the time. I have one to do in the near future. I suppose I could try it and report back.

YIKES - I just looked at the MSDS on that Website. It ain't much better than methylene chloride. It is a nice cocktail of MEK, toluene, and a couple of carcinogens...I still might try it.
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On a local (MN) Woodcraft site here are the prices, yes, expensive.

Liquid Strip, Quart #812103
Price: $13.99 Quantity:

Paste Strip, Quart #812107
Price: $16.99

On the review I read, they stripped 1/2 the outside of a 16-17 runabout and used 1 1/2 gal paste and < 1 gal liquid.

Here is the review,

I just read the MSDS sheet too, MEK, ya, no wonder it seems to work.
I wonder if the reviewer read the sheet too, it sure looks to me like one should be just a carefull with this stuff as regular stripper.
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Showed this to Bob few weeks back, sold at the Depot up here
took many layers of black varnish out of my model 50, stayed wet in direct sun and can be re-spread over and over. about $16/quart up here, does not raise grain and pleasant (almost) lemon smell.
I'm a convert.
that's all folks;)
Interesting concept!.....lasts up to 36 hours if needed and is re-sepreadable! in direct sunlight.....Hmmmm. NOW!....a New question on strippers, as long as we are into them. My associate and I have just acquired a Stowe and it was painted over original material....Any recomendations on a stripper that will take off the paint without attacking the original molded material unerneath?...Not into plastic material but think this one is worth saving
removing layers

Only thing i am aware of is soda blasting, which if done judiciously will take paint off layer by layer (albeit costly)
HOWEVER i dont know what it would do to the layers underneath on the last coat...
gil, there is a funiture store in fenton that has an aluminum canoe shelf and it does look kinda nice but needs polishing to be really nice.
well merry christmas to all ya all. i'm off to rip some cedar planking.
Gad zooks, Gill has gone off the deep end this time. It could be the lead, fumes or too much holiday cheer. The nerve to even mention an al_ _ _ num canoe on this site or making a b_ _kshelf out of any canoe is blasphemy. I don't know what is going on up there at the Wooden Canoe Shop (aka The Wooden Canoe Chop Shop and Bookcase Co.) It may be indicative of the likes of what's happening there so I won't mention anything about the 'fishing boat' hidden behind Gil's shop that is made out of luaun plywood floor underlayment, drywall screws and FIB_ _ GLASS!!!...........