Hawkeye Stripper


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
I bought a 15 ft Stripper this morning really cheap and I was wondering if anybody has any info on designer.The boat has a plaque on the front with the customers name and it says Hawkeye and it has a logo on the side of the boat that says Hawkeye.I am assuming it was a kit boat because I dont think anybody could make any money with the way this boat was built.

The canoe measure 14"6 and here is a picture of the logo. I remember seeing this logo years ago but I cant remember who designed it. Somebody put polyurethane on the outside and it was looking really bad.I used Peel away stripper and scraped it off with a window scraper. I coated it with two coats of varnish and it dosnt look to bad. I am going to remove the two seats and put one near the middle and use it as a solo. It will make a nice little canoe for the 150.00 I paid for it and my three hrs of labor.

I'm not familiar with the Buckeye logo, but maybe someone else will be. Pictures of the decks, stem profiles, thwarts, and an overall shot would probably help. With strippers, there have been a lot of one-man-shop operations over the years, so it may be hard to pin down... but you never know....

And it'll probably work nicely for a little solo! Nice find!