New rack from Yak

MSRP $439.00 USD


I will say I do like the quick "removeablity" feature of my Thule, though I did buy it used for a lot less than new, and then just bought the adapters to get it on.

The easy on/easy off feature of Thule & Yak raks has been pretty nice, and they have featured rather easy adaptations between vehicles... but Yak re-designs the towers every few years, and quits making parts for the older designs, so they can sell more whole tower sets ($$$), rather than just the few parts that you need to adapt your existing parts to your new car... I have a box full of old Yak parts in the basement. Now, though, they even re-designed the crossbars, so when I need to outfit the next car, I won't be able to use ANY of the old parts... which means I'm not tied to Yaks at all.

Rain gutters & hardware store parts were sure nice....
My thoughts exactly. Pretty cool, but very pricey. I Keep hoping for brackets that bolt right on to the roof of my Grand Cherokee where the current rails are fastened. Seems logical to me and gives me another half foot or so of bar separation.

I keep my extra parts in the barn. We should have a swap meet for Yakima and Thule.